Unlock your performance


of people have a deviated septum that will hinder their ability to breathe and perform optimally.

As soon as I put one on I noticed a huge difference. It's like I could breathe for the first time.


Turns out I haven't been breathing properly my entire life... Only noticed after I got into running.


I was always told 'in through your nose, out through your mouth' but tha was never easy until I tried Optibreath

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Why Optibreath?

Unlike other brands, Optibreath are...

Sweat Resistant

Designed to withstand even the longest of workouts

Extra Strong

Our strips use a special material to open your nasal passage much more than others

Last Longer

Everyone wants to last longer, right? Our strips will stay on for at least 12 hours.

Designed to stand out

Nobody wants a plaster on their nose, that's why we take a unique approach. There's nothing to hid when using our nasal strips, you're here to wok, and these help you do it.


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